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What’s going on here?

This is Yenta, a project that matches my friends to jobs/ideas/dates/each other. There are three components to what we do here:

  1. If you’re currently searching or open to a job please let me know by filling out this form. If you’re looking for romance/dates, please let me know by filling out this other form. Hiring? Just reply to this email.

  2. We have a place for people to directly swap jobs/housing/projects etc. You can always find it at sahar.io/yentathread. Every time a new issue of Yenta comes out, there’ll be a new fresh thread to check out. So go there now!

  3. Lastly, subscribe to this newsletter to get an update roughly every time that thread (#2) gets posted, plus various other fun items.

No, explain even more simply:

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